World of Women partners with Ledger to giveaway 1,200 cryptocurrency hardware wallets

Female-oriented blue-chip NFT project World of Women has partnered with cryptocurrency hardware wallet producer Ledger to launch a quest for the WoW community. 

The companies invite NFT holders to participate in the competition developed by Ledger’s new play-to-learn platform Quest and win one of the unique 1,200 Ledger Nano S Plus devices. The limited-edition hardware wallet features designs created by the founder of the World of Women collection, Yam Karkai. 

The platform invites players to boost their knowledge of crypto wallets, security essentials, Ledger’s ecosystem, and blockchain basics. 

All World of Women NFT holders can participate in the quest. To do so, individuals need to connect their crypto wallets to the dedicated website. Participants who complete the quiz will be awarded proof-of-knowledge non-fungible tokens. These NFTs can be used as social badges that demonstrate one’s progress in crypto education. In addition, the World of Women tokens grant holders access to various perks, among which is the possibility to win the designer Ledger device. 

Published: 6 January 2023, 7:11 am Updated: 06 Jan 2023, 7:11 am

The competition is available on a dedicated page through January 13. Notably, the companies offer two separate games: one for WoW and the other for WoW Galaxy owners. 

Since the creation of the collection in July of 2021, the company has surprised its community with numerous branded events and drops. In 2022, WoW holders had a chance to visit Madonna’s concert and received limited-edition WoW-themed Monopoly game boards. 

The current floor price of the genesis World of Women collection is 2.093 ETH (approximately $2,605 at the time of writing), while WoW Galaxy starts at 0.2443 ETH (approximately $304 at the time of writing). 

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