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Will regulation play the “prelude” to the next crypto bull market?

Just as the so-called fish and bear’s paws can not be both, the non-regulated blockchain is reckless, full of dangers, there are just as many opportunities, the blockchain after supervision is going to be formal, docking entities, the probability of profiteering no longer exists, and the same pit will be much less.

Author: Five Fireball Sect Leader

Original text: “The next bull market opportunity will be opened by blockchain being included in supervision?” 》

2022 is coming to an end, and people can’t help but start to look forward to what the blockchain world will look like in 2023.

2022 is no different from a bear market, but it is completely different from 2018. In 18 years, 1CO was falsified, from retail investors to practitioners all fell into confusion, not sure what we can do with blockchain, this situation did not appear until the prototype of Defi slowly appeared in 2019, and the complete ignition of Defi Summer in 2020 brewed a new wave of bull market.

And this round of bear market, almost everyone knows what the blockchain can do, the promotion of various infrastructure and application layers is orderly, but both investors and practitioners have underestimated the impact of the macro environment on the funds in the circle, the water released during the epidemic was slowly withdrawn by the operation of some series of interest rate hikes and balance sheet reduction, and in the second half of 2022, every investor in the circle was forced to care about Powell (the current chairman of the Federal Reserve) every day and care about CPI, “Prospective financial enthusiasts” who care about US stocks and dollar indices.

What will the blockchain world look like in 2023, or the next 2-3 years? I think very few people can judge.

I vaguely remember that in 2020, a media did an interview with many top KOLs in the circle, asking what everyone’s judgment is on the trend in 2021, and the results are mostly concentrated in Layer2, Defi, Count Stability and Polkadot, but the result is actually PFP small avatar, Gamfi and…


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