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Which Crypto Trends to Watch Next? We asked 15 prominent investors

“15 investors shared the most promising projects in cryptocurrency, including Cosmos, Toucan, Farcaster, Maple Finance, Axelar, and more.”

Take a few minutes of your free time to read about the most exciting cryptocurrency trends right now that investors, operators, and founders should know about.

Cosmos is gaining momentum. Although Cosmos has received much less attention than other ecosystems, investors see opportunity in Cosmos. Dubbed the “Internet of Blockchains,” Cosmos gives users the tools to launch interoperable blockchains that are potentially more decentralized, resilient and customizable than larger alternatives.The trading platform dYdX’s earlier decision to move from Ethereum to Cosmos showed the advantages of the latter.
Institutional DeFi lending takes off. Individual users may have adopted DeFi’s first lending product, but more recent offerings are aimed at corporate customers. Projects such as Maple Finance provide the necessary information and compliance guarantees for institutional-grade loan pools.
Rethink user authentication. Working with Web3 applications is still difficult. Consumers log in using crypto wallets that are not linked to other forms of identity. Not only does this complicate usage by consumers, it also hinders developers from talking to their customers. Notifi and Portabl are tackling this problem from different angles.
Encryption vulnerabilities need to be addressed. We’ve seen a lot of cryptocurrency breaches this year, including rampant fraud, outages, and breaches. Investors are aware of failures in the field and support projects that seek to improve the status quo. One example is Blowfish, which makes complex transactions readable. ‍
Web3’s social moment may be just around the corner. For some time now, oracles believed that cryptocurrencies would disrupt social media. So far, there is little to support such a prediction. This may be changing. Investors see prospects for projects like Farcaster, among other signs.

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