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Which celebrities joined and left crypto in 2022?

Which celebrities joined and left crypto in 2022?

The crypto world is still developing at lightning speed. The adoption of projects built on blockchain technology has increased tremendously in 2022, and this is partly due to the celebrities who have contributed to it. Thanks to these well-known people, crypto-related projects have reached a large audience, through their social media accounts and the many news outlets that wrote about them.

The developments in cryptocurrencies, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse platforms have led to new ways people can make money and alternative methods to consume art and entertainment. They have also led to innovative ways people can communicate and interact with one another online. For example, people can even connect with their idols in this digital meeting place. But are there any celebrities left in the crypto world? In this article, you can discover all the celebrity activities in 2022.

Are NFTs hype or still in demand?

Many celebrities were active in the field of NFTs in 2022. This digital proof of ownership of unique items recorded on the blockchain was used for various purposes. For example, Muse, an English band, released an NFT album, with only 1,000 NFTs available. In addition to NFTs representing musical property, celebrities mainly focus on digital images as NFTs.

For example, in 2022, boxer Floyd Mayweather launched his NFT collection Mayweverse, which comprises 5,000 unique NFTs. In addition to launching their own NFT collections, many celebrities were also used to promote other collections. For example, the Lucky Block NFT collection was promoted by model Jamie Jewitt and boxer Dillian Whyte.

After many months of hard work
I’m launching my new NFT Project @mayweverse⁰
The collection will have 5,000 NFTs (5 different NFTs cards of 1,000 each).

Each card has a different rarity, utilities & prizes.

More information on the roadmap will be announced soon.

Stay Tuned pic.twitter.com/SxZ916p0HP

— Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) March 21, 2022

In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo partnered with Binance in 2022. The Portuguese star soccer player will launch his own…


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