What is Swan Bitcoin and how does it work?

When someone wants to buy Bitcoin (BTC), they usually take the route of a cryptocurrency exchange. Newbies may buy BTC on just any exchange they come across, while those with some sort of experience may opt for a reputable one. The exercise though bears little fruit as most exchanges function almost identically as centralized entities, often working as custodians of the crypto assets of the buyers.

The security factor is generally limited to passwords and 2-factor authentication (for the buyers who have opted for it). Customer support, wallet support and ease of use are other factors that buyers might consider when zeroing in on an exchange to buy Bitcoin.

Exchanges have a drawback when it comes to supporting customers who want to buy Bitcoin. With an array of digital coins on their platforms, it is simply not possible for them to focus exclusively on Bitcoin buyers. They lack Bitcoin experts who could analyze how Bitcoin should optimally feature in the portfolio of the buyer, factoring in macro factors in crypto and mainstream economy along with buyers’ own financial status.

The scenario pronounces the need for a Bitcoin-specific platform that would not only enable anyone to buy the first decentralized cryptocurrency but also provide them with expert advice and hand-holding. This is where Swan Bitcoin rolls in. As a Bitcoin-only accumulation platform, it caters to regular customers as well as high-net-worth individuals and businesses. This article will help potential investors understand what Swan Bitcoin is and how it works.

What is Swan Bitcoin

Swan Bitcoin helps one save value in Bitcoin, using the method of dollar-cost averaging to incentivize saving over spending. In return for a fee, it allows buyers to sign up for both one-time and recurring Bitcoin purchases. It doesn’t take a spread on the purchase, as well. A spread refers to the difference between the buy (offer) and sell (bid) prices of an asset.

To buy Bitcoin, all users need to do is connect their bank accounts with Prime Trust, an institutional-grade custodian working with Swan Bitcoin. The…


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