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What could be the next narrative to detonate the cryptocurrency bull market?

As we have started to get used to the bear market rhythm a little, I have noticed that some people can’t help but jump to the next market phase quickly. But here I need to remind you old irons, be careful, as the historical cycle shows, a bear market always has its own specific pattern.

Everyone’s experience in the cryptocurrency cycle is actually not much different from the character archetype in Hero’s Journey. It always takes a long time to go from “Return” to a new “Call of Adventure”. In the face of the cryptocurrency bear market, it is best to wait patiently for a while.

There may be veterans who are ready for their next adventure, trying to treat every possible narrative in front of them as a lifesaver in a bear market. But some “supernatural” opportunities don’t come up often in this market. Right now, in the real world we live in, facing rising interest rates, inflation, and a series of economic wars, I feel like those opportunities to accelerate the bull market will never come to you.

Until we can see some new narrative emerge, we may feel that the market will go down forever and there will be no more light. The word “market bottom” will disappear forever from our vocabulary because the market as a whole will move so smoothly that it will feel like something big is happening when the market moves up or down 5%.

On the journey to the next bull market, we will also meet some sham prophets, some of whom are even talking about some weird stuff called “fundamentals” that they shy away from in a big bull market Don’t talk.

The crypto community is looking for a new narrative

Ironically, we often laugh at fundamentals when times are good and beg the market to acknowledge them when times are bad. There has been a familiar narrative recently, and that is the “merger of Ethereum”.

Collect the seven dragon balls and start summoning the dragonWhile fundamentally an important event, those hoping to get rich quick with the Ethereum merger will experience untold pain and disappointment. Because the development of a thing…


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