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Western Union and PayPal file cryptocurrency-related trademark applications

Published: 26 October 2022, 10:21 am Updated: 26 Oct 2022, 12:06 pm

Two major financial companies, American financial services company Western Union Holdings and payment giant Paypal, have filed crypto-related trademark applications. Mike Kondoudis, the United States Patent and Trademark Office licensed trademark attorney, shared the news on his Twitter. 

Western Union’s application focuses on financial services within Web3. The company plans to provide an exchange for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, trade commodities and cryptocurrencies, and manage digital currency and electronic wallets. Additionally, Western Union filed trademarks for digital currency exchange operations and the issuance of tokens of value. According to Mike Kondoudis, the trademark application also includes metaverse-related use cases. 

Mike Kondoudis

PayPal has also recently applied for Web3 trademark applications. The company plans to introduce downloadable software for conducting operations with cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens. 

Mike Kondoudis

It’s worth noting that the past week saw several more NFT and metaverse-related trademark applications. Viking River Cruises has filed 16 of these. The river cruise line claims plans for non-fungible tokens, virtual travel, tours, food, and beverage. More than that, Viking Cruises plans to develop a digital goods marketplace and software for creating, selling, buying, storing, and managing NFTs and digital goods. 

Ulta Beauty Inc. has filed NFT and Metaverse-related trademark applications with plans to develop virtual reality cosmetics, salon services, and games. Additionally, the American beauty chain will issue NFTs featuring images and videos. 

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