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Web3? What does it have to do with blockchain?

In April and May this year, the trend data of web3 in the WeChat index once surpassed the blockchain. From December 2021, the word web3 suddenly came out of the circle, entered the traditional Internet, and then began to spread hot.

Judging from the recent financing and entrepreneurial dynamics in the Internet circle, it seems that traditional VCs are calling for “ALL in Web3”. So what exactly is Web3? What will the future hold? The vernacular blockchain takes you together to clear the fog and dispel the enchantment of Web3.

What is Web3?

During this time, we have seen the Internet entrepreneurship circle, it seems that everyone is talking about Web3, but about what Web3 is, the answers are varied, in fact, there is no definition with a high degree of consensus, and the same as “Metaverse”.
What exactly is Web3?

To make web3 clear, we still have to look at Web1 and Web2.

This picture has been widely circulated on the Internet before, and it is summarized relatively clearly.

Web1 is a readable Internet, in Web1, we can get news from the Internet, but almost unilaterally obtain information, unable to participate in interaction.

In Web2, there are some functions such as commenting, liking, private message chat, posting topics, etc., so Web2 is not only readable, but also writeable and interactive.

What about Web3, we can not only read, write, but also have.

But what exactly does it mean to have it? In fact, it falls on “control”: we have control over the account, the data generated by the interaction on the platform, the assets, etc., we can decide.

What exactly is the “control” of Web3?

So what exactly is Web3 control? Let’s list a few simple scenarios.

1) Control over the account

In the Web2 era, if we want to use the platform’s services, we must register an account, or use a unified account such as WeChat and QQ to log in. When your code of conduct does not meet the platform standards, your account may be restricted and banned at any time.

So, in the web2 era, you don’t actually have control over your…


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