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Early stage investing must think about the future, and the most common phrase we hear is that the future is coming, but what is the future? What does the future hold? It is really difficult to judge the prediction.But thinking about the future is something that you have to remind yourself to do often, think about how the next year will be, how it will be in 5 years, 10 years from now. What kind of changes this society, economy, technological development, business applications, environment, and even one’s own life may have. Thinking about the future is something that investors and entrepreneurs must always think about. The hot topics in recent years are nothing more than Web3, DAO, Metaverse and other topics that have come to the future. Let’s look at a pre-judgment released by Gartner in July 2022 for the life cycle of a segment of the blockchain ecosystem, in which the Metaverse will take more than 10 years from early adopters to the industry maturity period, while DAO and Web3 will take 5-10 years. From the perspective of early investment, now is the time for investors to start laying out their interventions and entrepreneurs to start thinking.

Since the development of the Internet, centralized platforms and centralized institutions have solved many problems, improved efficiency, and promoted the development of the entire ecosystem, especially the so-called network effect is played by the centralized platform. But Web2 solves the problem and also creates new problems, the leakage of user identity, the opacity of data, involuntariness, invasion of privacy and even data theft that endangers the security of property. The asymmetric advantages of centralized platforms, industry monopolies, etc., all make users no longer free and unable to trust centralized platforms. Innovative distributed databases, smart contracts, private computing, autonomous data identity, distributed storage, etc., are to solve these problems and make the Internet more advanced. So we moved on to Web 3.In addition to Web3, the DAO and the Metaverse will…


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