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Web3: How will blockchain technology improve DevOps in Web3?

Although still in its early stages, Web3 has shown the potential to provide blockchain and DevOps working together. This article discusses DevOps practices, processes, tools, and how it will complement blockchain technology to deliver Web3 solutions.

DevOps is an umbrella term that covers the culture, mindset, development style, process and technology of software development. DevOps aims to improve the quality of software delivery through collaboration, automation, predictable results, shorter lead times, and faster customer feedback.

Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger technology. A blockchain ledger consists of decentralized “blocks” that contain records of events or “transactions” on the ledger network. Once the blockchain records a transaction, it cannot be deleted or updated. Blockchain can be centralized or decentralized, and its inherent nature is always distributed.

However, most blockchain networks are decentralized, which means they run on nodes in the network rather than on a central server. Additionally, decentralized blockchains are permissionless, meaning anyone can access them or participate in their network.

Web3 is a hypothetical version of the next-generation Internet. Web2 ushered in an era of dynamic user-generated content, widespread e-commerce adoption, and ease of use. And Web3, powered by blockchain technology, is enough to bring about a new era of decentralization by transferring ownership of user data from large players to the users themselves. Web3 organizations, such as ConsenSys, offer new tools that, when combined with common DevOps practices, promise to bring a range of security and productivity benefits.

How do DevOps and blockchain complement each other?

DevOps is a cycle of continuous improvement of the software delivery chain. Its best practices can support blockchain technology development through different stages and tools. Current DevOps tools and practices will aid blockchain development using containerization, automation, and shorter development iterations.

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