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Top VCs: Optimistic about these 15 crypto projects and trends in the next 6 months

Text/Mario Gabriele Founder of The Generalist

If you only have a few minutes to read, here’s what you should know as an investor, operator, or founder: about the most exciting crypto trends right now.

Cosmos gains momentum. While Cosmos has received far less attention than other ecosystems, investors see opportunity in Cosmos. This “Internet of Blockchains” provides the tools to launch interoperable blockchains that are potentially more decentralized, resilient, and more customizable than their larger alternatives. The switch from Ethereum to Cosmos, the trading platform dYdX, is showing the advantages of Cosmos.
Institutional lending has grown rapidly. Individual users may have used DeFi’s first lending products, but more recent offerings are aimed at business users. Projects like Maple Finance provide the necessary information and compliance guarantees for institutional-grade loan pools.
Rethink user authentication. Working with Web3 applications is still difficult. Users log in with a crypto wallet and are not associated with other forms of identity. This not only complicates the user experience, but also hinders developers from communicating with their customers. Notifi and Portabl are tackling this problem from different angles.
The problem of encryption vulnerabilities needs to be solved urgently. We’ve seen numerous encryption breaches this year, including rampant fraud, network outages, and intrusions. Investors recognize failures in the field and support projects in their efforts to improve the status quo. One example is Blowfish, which makes complex transactions readable.
The Web3 social moment is coming . Cryptography has been predicted to disrupt social media for some time. So far, there is little evidence to support this prediction. But that may be changing. Investors see hope in projects like Farcaster and other favorable trends.

No industry is growing as fast as the crypto world. There is also no area with as much volatility as the crypto world. A seemingly invulnerable project might be scuppered next…


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