Top 20 crypto law Firms in 2023: Review

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming increasingly popular, and with this popularity comes a need for legal advice. 

Published: 17 January 2023, 9:24 am Updated: 17 Jan 2023, 9:24 am

Some of the top law firms have begun to specialize in cryptocurrency law, offering the best legal advice possible.

The previous scandal of 2021 has caused a major shift in how law firms handle crypto issues, and now more firms are beginning to specialize in the area. To help you find the best legal advice possible, we have put together a review of the top 20 crypto law firms in 2023.

Here is our top 20 crypto law firms list:

Perkins Coie

Perkins Coie

Perkins Coie is a global law firm with offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. The firm specializes in intellectual property, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency legal advice. They are also industry leaders in blockchain-related litigation and enforcement.

With 1,200 lawyers working out of 17 offices in the US and four in China, Perkins Coie has its main office in Seattle, Washington. The business was listed by Law360 in 2020 as the 11th-largest law firm in the US. Perkins Coie has received Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For designation for 20 years running.

Perkins Coie has conducted work for some of the most prominent players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, such as Coinbase, Ethereum, Ripple Labs, and more. The firm’s crypto-law focus is on: transactions, capital markets, regulations, compliance, governance, privacy, data protection, tax matters litigation, and enforcement.

Mishcon de Reya

Mishcon de Reya

In order to stay on the right side of legal and regulatory compliance, Mishcon’s Blockchain Group assists businesses in implementing blockchain technologies. The team has worked on projects in a number of industries, including real estate, retail, recruitment, the arts, and of course, cryptocurrencies.

Mishcon provides advice on the different fund-raising formats, such as ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings), and ensures that their client complies with…


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