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To HODL or have kids? The IVF Bitcoin Babies paid for with BTC profits

Hold Bitcoin till the very end or sell a little bit to start a family? For one Bitcoiner in Northwest London, it was a no-brainer.

Noodle, (a nickname) a Brit who first heard about Bitcoin around 2012, took profits on his Bitcoin buys to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for his wife. He told Cointelegraph he has “no regrets,” about his decision to start a family using fiat-denominated profits from buying, holding then selling Bitcoin.

Welcoming Noodle Jr II to this crazy world. After a tough 6 days in hospital due to unforeseen complications, Mrs Noodle and I, couldn’t be happier to bring this little hodler home! pic.twitter.com/JvlLfzABgg

— Noodle ⚡️ (@NoodleNakamoto) June 14, 2022

Noodle first found out about Bitcoin at the tail end of 2012, when one Bitcoin was worth roughly $13.

“I was in the gym chatting to this guy that I get on well with. We were speaking in the changing rooms, and it’s funny because he was trying to explain this Silk Road thing to me — which was on the dark web.”

The now-defunct marketplace Silk Road was a place where early Bitcoin users could buy and sell pretty much anything using Bitcoin as the in-house currency. At the time, Noodle didn’t necessarily dismiss Bitcoin despite his gym buddy’s recommendation, but it passed him by until a close friend explained how to buy cannabis with Bitcoin on the Silk Road.

The Silk Road was a popular website for buying and selling just about anything using Bitcoin.

Once his close mate had explained that they might be able to use the Bitcoin to buy real-world items, Noodle was convinced: 

“And I thought Let’s do it… So we bought seven Bitcoins and at the time — they were $57 a pop.”

The price of Bitcoin has since risen almost 400 times higher, to a $20,000 bear market value in 2022. For Noodle in 2013, he explained it was actually quite difficult to obtain Bitcoin — it was “a really convoluted process.” However, he persevered and managed to obtain Bitcoin to buy goods. Unknowingly, Noodle had also tripped down the rabbit hole and his Bitcoin journey had…


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