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The founders of the three star public chains had a dialogue on the same stage to discuss the new trend of blockchain technology development

On September 21, at the 8th Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab – the theme forum of the “Golden” Era, under the auspices of Deng Chao, CEO of HashKey Capital, Protocol Labs was founded. People Juan Benet, Dfinity founder and chief scientist Dominic Williams, NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin made wonderful sharing around “blockchain technology development” through video connection, and introduced the future development trend of blockchain technology in depth .

The following is the content shared by the guests (with deletions):

Moderator: Please do a general review of the past year?

Dominic Williams:

The most exciting development is the various projects developed based on IC. We have seen a whole new set of Web3 services running entirely based on the IC blockchain, rather than being deployed on a cloud computing server.

Also, I see people really like Web3 applications like this, which represents a turning point in the blockchain industry. One of the goals of IC blockchain is to allow developers to build all systems, all ecosystems, all services, and all applications, all based on blockchain, run on blockchain, and deploy on blockchain. When deployed based on blockchain, carbon emissions are also lower than cloud-based deployment, so there is an order of magnitude gap between IC blockchain and existing blockchains. In addition, chain-key cryptography has also been developed over the years. Without chain-key cryptography, the goals I just listed would be difficult to achieve.

And now it has been further expanded. Now many people build an ecosystem based on IC, and use IC as the orchestration layer of Web3. Specifically, you can run code on the IC, and such code can directly call the Bitcoin ledger without any cross-chain bridge.

In addition, I have also seen some projects based on the IC blockchain to create a new generation of DeFi, Social Fi, Game Fi, and Metaverse.

Illia Polosukhin:

Last year was an unusual year for the crypto world. For NEAR, the NEAR hackathon was just held in Lisbon,…


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