Taunt Battleworld: Digital Collectible Game For The Blockchain

Step into the thrilling world of Taunt Battleworld, where the boundaries of blockchain gaming and NFTs are pushed to the limit. Assemble your warriors and prepare to enter a virtual universe where you’ll have the chance to explore, own, and battle it out in intense simulations.

This isn’t just any ordinary game – it’s a fighting game crafted by a team of gaming industry veterans with decades of experience from companies like Amazon, EA Gamed, IGT, and THQ . Join thousands of players from around the globe and prove your worth in Taunt Battleworld, a game designed to be played for years to come. Are you ready to conquer the competition and emerge victorious?

What is the game about?

Experience the thrill of interdimensional combat like never before with Taunt Battleworld, the video game taking the world by storm. As a warrior chosen to fight on earth in a never-ending battle for supremacy against humans, you’ll be thrown into a virtual realm called Battleworld, where the Old Gods (think Marvel Comics’ Norse Gods) reign supreme.

But Taunt Battleworld is more than just a game – it’s a revolutionary new platform featuring patented “Engage-To-Earn” interactive viewership technology that allows you to earn currency just by watching matches. Sci-fi fans, gamers, and moviegoers alike can’t get enough of this immersive, action-packed experience. 

Main Features of Taunt Battleworld

Interactive Gameplay for Viewers 

Taunt Battleworld is revolutionizing the way we play games with its groundbreaking “Engage-to-Earn” feature. Unlike other games that rely on a play-to-earn model, Taunt Battleworld rewards players in real time as they progress through gameplay by combining the best of both worlds with patented interactive technology. This means that you’ll have endless opportunities to earn rewards and keep the excitement going throughout your Taunt Battleworld journey. Get ready to experience a whole new level of engagement and earn as you play in Taunt Battleworld 

Licensed Fighter IP NFTs:

Get ready to enter a world of epic battles and unique…


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