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In the early morning of July 17th, Beijing time, a large party carnival took place in Otherside. This is the Metaverse space created by Yuga Labs, the “Boring Ape” NFT issuer. After more than two months of development, “First Trip”, a technology demonstration belonging to community members, has begun – NFT holders of land parcels in Otherside can experience this new Metaverse as the first “Voyagers”.

According to videos posted by participants, players enter Otherside through avatars, and a giant screen plays key elements of the virtual space. People can walk, fly and talk freely in it, and shuttle in scenes such as snow, oases, rivers and canyons.

After the “First Trip” campaign, Otherside released a LITEPAPER outlining its future. Different from traditional closed development, Otherside will adopt an “open development” approach in the future. Unofficial developers can also use the software development kit (SDK) to meet their custom needs through the build tools provided in the game.

This means that Otherside can be regarded as an open Metaverse space. It does not have an established blueprint for the initial construction, and will only change with the injection of crowd wisdom. It focuses on breaking through technical bottlenecks to achieve high-quality crowd rendering effects. Real-time chat effects and let people enter the Metaverse from any device indiscriminately.

Thousands experience Otherside Metaverse ‘travel’

In the early morning of July 17th, Beijing time, when the night sky of the Oriental World was deep, a large-scale gathering kicked off in another time and space.

That night, the Metaverse space Otherside, initiated by Yuga Labs, the publisher of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), opened a technical demonstration called “First Trip” (First Trip), and products in the traditional sense Different from the demo, “First Trip” was held as an open test experience. More than 4,500 players entered this Metaverse space, and people manipulated virtual characters to dance and revel in it, like an online…


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