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New ideas for chain game development: Crypto Game asset leasing model assumption prototype


Jonas is a small partner of Guagomeiji, and has known each other for a while, all of them are practitioners who have transformed from the financial industry to WEB3, and we have communicated and discussed all aspects of chain games together for many times. This time, Jonas threw out an article about the rental model of Gamefi NFT, and I look forward to discussing it with you. Jonas’ Twitter: @jojonas_xyz, melon friends can follow and communicate.

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(1) Why choose a leasing system?

Based on the judgment of the future of crypto games, how to integrate the experience of non-crypto players and crypto players has become a proposition that needs attention. The leasing system is a feasible way, that is, by realizing the resource allocation of funds and time between big R players and free players, it is more convenient for free players who account for the vast majority of the player base to play the game, and expand the player market that crypto games can reach. While ensuring the respective experience of non-crypto players and crypto players, it does not make the experience of the two too separate.

(2) Pros and cons of the leasing system

Pros: (1) Lower the user threshold; (2) Increase the willingness of big R investment; (3), value preservation of high-level NFT; (4), on the basis of (1), it can be oriented to a broader player market;

Disadvantages: (1), gold industrialization; (2), the design output is full, triggering monetary inflation;

(3) NFT leasing process assumption

(1) In order to be more experience-friendly to players, it needs to be permissionless, uncollateralized, and demonstrate that this is still achievable at this stage of crypto games;

(2) Under the premise of grasping the overall goal of the leasing system, design a post-payment rent for the lessor that fluctuates with market demand, design the proportional income of the remaining part for the lessee, and the final remaining part flows into the leasing pool as a pledge vesting reward for all lessors;

(3) Implementation process:…


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