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On October 29, 2021, Facebook founder Zuckerberg announced that he would change the company’s name to “Meta”, claiming to invest 60 billion US dollars to build Facebook into a Metaverse company in 5 years, and promote people to virtual reality. world migration. He also declared that “within the next decade, a billion people will have access to the Metaverse, a digital industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and employment opportunities for millions of creators and developers.”

On January 18 this year, Microsoft acquired the game developer Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion, and also entered the Metaverse with a high profile, saying that it would “provide infrastructure for the Metaverse.”

All of a sudden, the Metaverse is everywhere. Those who make games, make VR/AR devices, make 3D engines, make NFT digital collectibles, even make chips, and make video conferences all have to declare that they have the concept of the Metaverse. . 

1. What is the Metaverse?

Many people may be unfamiliar with the “Metaverse”, but those who have watched the popular movie “Ready Player One” in 2018 must remember a video game called “Oasis”. Some people say that it is the future “Metaverse” world.

The term “Metaverse” first came from science fiction writer Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Avalanche”, which described the “Metaverse” as a virtual world parallel to human reality. With the rapid development of technologies such as 3D, VR and AR, the “Metaverse” is gradually evolving into a “real world” in a virtual environment. People in the real society can use digital identities to entertain, consume, socialize, and create in the virtual world. , earn money, etc., you can also shuttle between different scenes.

I think the Metaverse is not a video game, nor is it equal to a virtual world, but a time-space interlace and fusion of “virtual world × real world”. While we all think of the Metaverse as a digital space with a variety of novel virtual experiences, Zuckerberg made another…


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