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Mailchimp suspends accounts of several crypto-focused users

Popular email service provider Mailchimp has suspended several crypto-focused media outlets and firms using its platform, including Decrypt and Messari.

Reports of the account suspensions by Mailchimp started earlier this week with custody crypto wallet Edge. When the platform’s community manager Joelly Garcia tried to log in to their Mailchimp account, he discovered it had been deactivated.

well @Mailchimp has suspended the Messari email account for no reason.

web2 delenda est.

— Ryan Selkis ? (@twobitidiot) August 10, 2022

Other crypto-focused entities have also now experienced similar issues. On August 10, Messari founder Ryan Selkis announced that Mailchimp had suspended the firm’s account “for no reason.”

Not only was there zero warning, we can’t even access our subscriber lists (which luckily we have a backup of because I trust nobody). If @Mailchimp’s management of crypto clients is this haphazard, I shiver to think of what enforcement looks like for actual nefarious actors https://t.co/t2ylOeJo3h

— jared.info (?,?) ?atl (@JaredRonis) August 10, 2022

According to the marketing lead at Messari, Jared Ronis, the firm could not also access its subscribers’ list, adding that “I shiver to think of what enforcement looks like for actual nefarious actors.”

Today @Mailchimp, which we have used for 4+ years, deactivated our newsletter account with no warning or explanation. now I see from Twitter searches it has happened to lots of crypto content creators this week. has it happened to you? we’d like to hear about it.

— Daniel Roberts (@readDanwrite) August 9, 2022

The suspension also affected crypto media outlet Decrypt, a Mailchimp user of over 4 years. 

While the recent suspension affected some of the popular names in the crypto space, Mailchimp has a history of suspending or banning anything related to crypto.

Lol, @Mailchimp suspended my new account to tell you all about drops because ” because the content associated with your industry conflicts with our Acceptable Use Policy” – so, Twitter it is. Sorry :/ pic.twitter.com/S7qv7yUiVb



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