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Finexia Financial Group (Finexia) has launched its innovative crypto currency investment product, the Finexia Crypto Collective. This packaged security exposes retail and wholesale investors to a basket of cryptocurrencies in a single transaction.

The product is unique for the Australian market. The broad appeal of the Crypto Collective for all investor types lies in its easy access to the crypto behemoths, Bitcoin and Ether, as well as four additional alternative coins in a single transaction, with the minimum investment set as low as A$1,000.

Neil Sheather, the Managing Director of ASX listed Finexia Financial, said today, “Cryptocurrencies and the digital token space more generally are a legitimate and massive part of the investment market now. They sit alongside other high-volatility investment products as a genuine small allocation option within investors’ portfolios.”

“Finexia specialises in innovative solutions, so when we saw there was a genuine reluctance in Australia for investors to enter the world of cryptocurrency, we saw an opportunity to ‘demystify’ the whole crypto thing. The result is the Finexia Crypto Collective and we believe this product has met all the criteria we set out to achieve, namely, accessibility for everyone and easy to understand.”

Latest Report

The month of July saw some very interesting global macro-economic events unfold that impacted most asset classes, including digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The newly launched Finexia Crypto Collective benefitted from the ‘risk-on’ sentiment that gripped global markets during July. Investors in the Crypto Collective enjoyed an impressive return of 21% (Net of fees) in the month.

The Finexia Crypto Collective wraps six crypto coins into a single security, exposing investors to the six most traded coins in one investment.

The Finexia Investment Team has designed the Collective to give investors a superior return than if they had purchased Bitcoin (‘BTC’) or Ethereum (‘ETH’) in a single coin transaction. Whilst the underlying algorithm is proprietary to…


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