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Interview with rct AI: It’s time to focus on blockchain’s changes to game publishing

Recently, as the top projects such as Axie and STPEN have encountered the dilemma of falling tokens and shrinking user volume, the overall GameFi market has also become calm.

But at the same time, we have also observed that some GameFi projects that do not stop at token economics quietly enter the market with differentiated ideas. For example, rct AI, founded in 2018, is a service provider that mainly provides AI technology solutions for the game industry. Its core technology, Chaos Box, is an AI narrative engine based on deep reinforcement learning, which can help game production. Fang generates intelligent NPCs, intelligent organisms and intelligent environments with different behavior patterns and dialogues on a large scale. Currently, it has served more than 20 game studios such as Yuelongzhi Entertainment and Youmi Entertainment.

Based on AI technology, rct AI’s overseas business has tried to deploy ecosystem projects related to Web3 games. Recently, Wu Xiankun, co-founder and president of rct AI, accepted an exclusive interview with Chain Catcher and shared some thoughts and differentiated strategies in blockchain games. The following is the full text of the dialogue:

Chain Catcher: In the A3 round of financing disclosure, you mentioned that you will continue to make efforts on the Metaverse. How is it going now? What projects or major events have you done?

Wu Xiankun : In May last year, we released the virtual human NFT “Nüwa Nuwa” in collaboration with digital artist Song Ting.

After that, our overseas business also deployed ecosystem projects related to Web3 games. One is Mirror World, a game matrix driven by the interoperability SDK layer, designed to help Web2 developers complete Web3 game development with low code. The Mirror World Game Matrix is ​​a virtual playground composed of multiple asset exchange encrypted games, which will allow all users to obtain multiple casual game experiences and encrypted reality benefits at the same time; Mirror World Mobile SDK is a set of cross-platform tools designed to help…


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