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Impel Adds Bitcoin to ISO 20022 Financial Messaging on XDC Network

This addition enables BTC to be used in the instant settlement process for traditional banking services and other organizations that utilize the new ISO 20022 messaging standard.
For example, when moving BTC to the XDC Network, it is locked on the Bitcoin Network by the bridge’s nodes before the XBTC is minted on the XDC Network.
Impel will not charge implementation, annual membership, or per-usage fees for its financial messaging service.
Impel offers a self-paced ISO 20022 financial messaging demo that allows anyone to create and send transaction requests over the XDC Network’s mainnet, with the option to add collateral, such as $XDC.
Impel’s financial messaging meets the ISO 20022 standard, with no cost other than the XDC Network’s near-zero gas fee to send messages or payments.

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