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I’m 40 and married with 2 kids. How aggressively should I invest my money right now, and should I own crypto? Here’s what 5 financial advisers told him to do now.

Should crypto be a part of your overall investing strategy?

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Question: I’m 40, married with two kids and gainfully employed. I’m wondering how aggressively I should be investing in the market if I’d like to quit my job somewhat early. What should my portfolio diversity look like right now, and should I invest in crypto?

Answer: How aggressively anyone should be investing in the market is a function of a variety of factors such as how much you can save, the time that the investments can compound, how much you plan to spend when you retire, and your willingness to both take and bear risk. “Being more aggressive with your investments can mean taking more risks, which you may or may not be able to do,” says Jay Zigmont, certified financial planner at Live, Learn, Plan. (This tool can help match you with an adviser who might meet your needs.)

But taking calculated risks may be what you have to do if you want to quit your job soonish. “This means you may need to be more aggressive in your asset allocation. The term for this in the investing world is ‘there is no alternative’ (TINA),” says Matthew Jenkins, chartered financial adviser at Noble Hill Planning, who adds that “increasing your savings rate is paramount” as well. In your case, your savings rate may need to go well beyond the 10-15% that is traditionally recommended.

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So what might it look like for a 40-year old who wants to quit working in 10 or 15  years? First up, think about what you want your post-work…


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