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Global Crypto Awareness Rising Which are leading countries in crypto adoption?

The cryptocurrency market is expected to see more adoption as global markets continue to face a downward trend and the digital asset industry is viewed as a hedge against inflation. Data shows that global crypto awareness and adoption is on the rise, both among first-time cryptocurrency buyers and those learning more about NFTs, Bitcoin, and the crypto ecosystem in general.

According to a report by Gemini, roughly half of cryptocurrency owners in the U.S., Latin America, Asia Pacific, Brazil, Hong Kong and India made their first digital asset purchase in 2021, marking a major breakthrough for the nascent industry. Globally, 41 percent of respondents who do not own cryptocurrencies said they would be interested in learning more about or buying cryptocurrencies in 2022, the report added.

Like the U.S. dollar, most cryptocurrencies operate on a global scale, simplifying the purchase of goods and services around the world. Most consumers also see cryptocurrencies as a means to improve financial inclusion for the underbanked and underserved.

According to Triple-A statistics estimates, the global cryptocurrency ownership rate averages 4%, and more than 330 million people worldwide own cryptocurrencies. English-speaking countries, the US, the UK and Australia lead the way in cryptocurrency adoption.

The United States has more than 46 million cryptocurrency users, and 13.7% of the population owns cryptocurrencies. But knowing who these users are in the United States is crucial. The cryptocurrency world is attracting a lot of young people. According to our research, 82% of U.S. cryptocurrency owners are in the 18-44 age group, and only 7% are over the age of 55. It’s no surprise why this new technology is so popular among millennials, who have formed a majority stake in America’s rapidly growing population.

According to a survey conducted by Finder.com in December, the United Kingdom ranked third in the global Ethereum adoption rankings, although its overall cryptocurrency adoption rate rose by only 1%.

Data shows that…


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