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From unheard of to household names, the Metaverse born out of science fiction has ushered in a concentrated explosion in the past year.

Although the influx of players from various industries and the technology Internet media have copied the word “Metaverse” over and over again, so far, no one has really pushed it from concept to reality.

Like photovoltaics and AI, which are very popular for a while, once there is a deviation between the application and the expectation, the Internet context will be extremely impatient, and words such as charm and scam will follow one after another. This is the current situation of the Metaverse. .

So, is the Metaverse Falsified? In a sense, yes, the best explanation is that the Internet giants who are quite fond of chasing the wind have been deflated one after another-with the idea of ​​​​entering the market and making a fortune, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of trouble.

But if you switch dimensions and re-examine the trends of the giants, you can see that the giants not only did not choose to exit, but instead gave a more accurate answer after reassessing the Metaverse.

chasing the wind, telling a story

Throughout the industry, Internet giants have been quick to respond to popular trends.

When the Metaverse rises and virtual currencies and NFTs are dying out, Alibaba and Tencent have implemented the little-known “digital collections” into their products, and launched digital collection platforms Whale Scout and Magic Core respectively. Shortly after Facebook changed its name to Meta, Baidu launched the Metaverse social app Xi Rong, and a month later, Byte launched the benchmark product “Party Island”.

It’s worth noting that Party Island launched in January, but didn’t begin public beta until early June. This means that Party Island is probably not a product that has been planned for a long time, but a product that has been rushed out under the strategy.

The subtext of this series of actions is that it is difficult for the big manufacturers to sit still in the face of potential tuyere and…


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