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P2E is GameFi 1.0, so P&E is 2.0?

The continued popularity of Axie Infinity in early 2021 has made one word popular – P2E. But after the huge hype and follow-up, followed by the bear market of cryptocurrencies, a large number of projects like Axie disappeared or went bankrupt, and the entire crypto industry began to summarize and reflect on the problems of GameFi. For example: lack of real gameplay and fun, too single economic system, immature gameplay mechanism, unreasonable token fluctuations, lack of new players to maintain the Ponzi structure, etc.

The industry naturally proposed the concept of GameFi 2.0. At present, there is no unified standard to define GameFi 2.0 in the industry. It is worth affirming that the consensus of GameFi 2.0 is to emphasize the return of the “FUN” part of blockchain games, and to advocate learning from the mistakes of many P2E projects to solve all the problems of GameFi 1.0. , and make adjustments to better meet the needs of the community. In this context, the industry evolved naturally and produced a new slogan, P&E (Play and Earn). For example, Axie Infinity changed the slogan of P2E to P&E, in order to improve the retention and consumption of players in the game by making the game More fun while attracting new players to enter.

But will switching to P&E attract more traditional gamers? Is P&E really GameFi 2.0? Let’s look at a core question: GameFi products are essentially Internet products. Are their target users looking for PLAY? Or seek EARN?

P2E products are not game products in essence, but the gamified performance of financial products (including DeFi, including fake DeFi). The game is more like a wrapper, which is easy for the user to understand, easy for the user to enter, and also good for the experience. However, the upper limit of experience here is very low. Under the core appeal of “earning”, the efficiency and stability of income will be much more important than the game experience. Under the story of P&E, the core appeal will still be “earning”, and the…


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