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Game dev explains why blockchain should be ‘invisible’ in P2E gaming: KBW 2022

According to the company’s president Kyu Lee, who spoke at Korea Blockchain Week 2022 in Seoul, revealing the plan to launch a new blockchainCom2uS, the mobile game developer wants to create its own version of Web3, “where it is free to play and own.” Th

XPLA, which roughly represents the words explore and play, will be a blockchain network focused on the needs of the company’s gaming community, along with Metaverse experiences.

For Lee, blockchain was the obvious next step for the company’s presence in the gaming industry:

“It was almost a no-brainer, [wouldn’t] you like to play a game that gives digital world ownership? I think everything is going to flow to games. And we had to put everything that we have to solidify our position in this market.”

The team behind Com2uS was able to transition into Web3 relatively quickly and create a blockchain SDK.

Lee explained one of the downfalls of entering the Web3 gaming space is current gatekeeping. New users must purchase nonfungible tokens (NFTs), set up a wallet and involve themselves with a centralized exchange in most cases — all before even playing the game.

In the vision of Com2uS, users can just start playing without the hassle of initial integration.

“After you hit a certain level, you will earn virtual currency that can be converted into tokens. Then you actually download your wallet, and then it converts your assets. The purchasing approach is really different from most of the Web3 games out there in the market.”

According to Lee, the team observed a positive reaction to this method during the development process: “We also noticed that the retention [rates] increased significantly too, just because we omitted the ownership paths paid to the assets. It really made a difference.”

Blockchain gaming, particularly play-to-earn (P2E), is a major component of the easy adoption of Web3 technologies by non-crypto people. Moreover, GameFi was hardly affected by the crypto winter.

“We learned that a significant amount of new users came in to play because it had a play and earn aspect to it. I…..

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