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Free Crypto Education Courses from Binance with NFT Certificates

Binance announced they offer free online crypto courses relating to NFTs, the Metaverse, blockchain tech and Web3 via the Binance Academy education platform. Any person who finishes the six modules will receive NFT certification in recognition of completion.

The idea behind Binance Academy’s free crypto courses is to educate the public on blockchain fundamentals and the industry’s future, including the use cases, advantages, and risks involved when investing in digital assets. The courses will release on a gradual base.

Binance launches free online crypto courses through the Binance academy

With Web3 and associated technologies such as blockchain and non-fungible tokens becoming central to the evolving metaverse, Binance launches free online courses to help demystify the technology. The six courses are comprised of twenty-nine modules.

Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer He Yi said concerning the upcoming free online crypto courses,

“Blockchain industry is still at its early stage. Many new concepts, such as NFT and metaverse, are coined. We believe that creators and builders shape our industry’s future. Therefore, empowering more creators and builders with knowledge is key.”

How do you get the NFT certificate?

To get the NFT certificates, you must complete each course and answer a set of quiz questions. Please note that, for now, they are only available in English. However, in the future, each course will be available in other languages. The complete course includes,

Blockchain fundamentals (25 minutes)Crypto fundamentals (21 minutes)Decentralization (20 minutes)Web3 and metaverse (17 minutes)Trading fundamentals (19 minutes)Crypto Trading and investing strategies (21 minutes)

Once you have completed the study track from Binance Academy, you will receive NFT certificates. Furthermore, they expect to add further learning modules, each of which will have a different NFT collection. On completion of learning, you will receive the certificates.

The new program continues Binance’s efforts to educate the public on crypto and blockchain. Millions…


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