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Founders share XEN Crypto’s design philosophy and project vision

XEN Crypto, a social experiment that suddenly exploded in the crypto world, caused another gas war in Ethereum.

Behind XEN Crypto is Jack Kevin, a Google No. 21 employee, who visited the Crypto Kindness channel today and shared the design concept and project vision of XEN Crypto with the host.

Why did you think of doing XEN

Crypto Kindness: How did you first come up with the idea of developing XEN?

Jack Levin: That’s a very good question. For a while I was thinking about what exactly cryptocurrency and money have to do with each other. I’ve done some research, and a lot of economists think that money is the glue that binds us to society. And if you ask me that question, I might say that money is a bit like ranking in a game that measures your level of economics and determines how you interact with the world. So I came up with the idea of building a cryptocurrency based on first principles, not only the first principles of crypto, but also the first principles of the economy, that you can keep your property yourself, that your property belongs to you, and that belongs only to you. Blockchain has evolved to the point where it can do that, so what I’m trying to achieve is spread that idea to people so that they can understand how best to use blockchain to securely store their economic energy without getting lost in this landscape that is growing so fast.

The first principle of cryptocurrency

Crypto Kindness: You just talked about the first principles of cryptocurrency, can you elaborate on what that means?

Jck Levin: The first principle of cryptocurrencies means that you should keep your cryptocurrency self-safe, and no one else should have any access to your own. That’s the first thing we really want to educate people about knowing and keeping your passwords. Blockchain has been designed to be trustless, which means you don’t need to trust anyone’s words, assuming that the blockchain verifies transactions, for example, if I send you some cryptocurrency, it will be recorded on the blockchain and it will be…


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