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FatMan sounds the alarm on Ronaldinho-backed ‘World Cup Inu’ crypto token

Investigative work by @FatManTerra revealed suspicious tokenomics for the newly released Ronaldinho-endorsed World Cup Inu token.

Ronaldinho “delighted” to join World Cup Inu family

The FIFIA World Cup in Qatar is weeks away, kicking off on Nov. 20 with the final slated for Dec. 18. The event has stirred several controversies, including allegations of corruption in the host bidding process and the inhumane treatment of workers building the event infrastructure.

To accommodate Qatar, FIFA broke with tradition and made the unprecedented move to run the event during winter, impacting the schedule of domestic football leagues. Temperatures in Qatar can reach low 40 degrees celsius during the summer months.

As expected, a swarm of world cup-themed crypto tokens has recently popped up, including FIFA Shiba Inu, Baby World Cup Inu, FifaWorldCupInu, Fifa World Cup Inu, World Cup Token, and Qatar World Cup. But perhaps most prominent, due to the backing of legendary Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, is World Cup Inu.

The former Barcelona and AC Milan midfielder became a fan favorite based on his playmaking ability, technical skills, and flair. In March 2020, Ronaldinho was held in custody for six months in Paraguay for entering the country on a fake passport.

On Oct. 19, Ronaldinho tweeted his support for the World Cup Inu token, adding he is impressed by the project’s DeFi innovation.

I am delighted to be part of the World Cup Inu family. $WCI is changing the defi space by their work and utilities . Really excited for this project! I will be giving away 3 jerseys to them , vouching for Brazil to win the #WorldCup. Make sure you check them out 🤙 pic.twitter.com/rvF9mNCqFs

— Ronaldinho (@10Ronaldinho) October 19, 2022

World Cup Inu token called out

Price data shows World Cup Inu began trading on Sept. 27. A price peak of $0.03397452 on Oct. 17 would have netted early investors a 2,100% gain.

Since then, WCI experienced a sharp drop, with support found at $0.01440661. Meanwhile, no market cap information is available due to the lack of circulating supply data. The devs…


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