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EtherMail spearheading blockchain-synced email campaigns for Web3 projects

When we look at the evolving Web3 landscape through the lens of communication, the case for blockchain-synced email campaigns is clear. Considering the frequency with which holders sell their crypto and NFTs, it is increasingly difficult for projects to maintain direct contact with holders of their assets. EtherMail has developed a solution to address this systemic industry problem, exacerbated by MailChimp’s recent decision to ditch crypto and Web3 projects from its newsletter distribution service. EtherMail is the first Web3 email solution setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication. The team recently closed a $3 million seed round.

To date, Web3 communication has traditionally taken place inside the confines of Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. However, an inherent flaw has left users unable to verify who they are communicating with, opening the door to widespread phishing attempts and a range of scam activity by nefarious actors. On these platforms, under the cloak of anonymity, people are disproportionately hostile, and overly combative when communicating with moderators, often with little to no provocation. Moreover, the prevalence of a mob mentality can create an aggressive, unwelcoming environment for onlookers, undercutting community sentiment. Vicious verbal attacks on founders and team members can be commonplace. Additionally, there is often low conversational investment, continuous spam, and outside agendas being pushed. Given the litany of issues listed above, it has become increasingly challenging for community managers to uphold positive community engagement on these platforms.

For crypto projects across the industry spectrum, the importance of being able to contact asset holders based on real-time, blockchain-synced data has never been more pronounced. Confronted by decreasing engagement levels across Discord, Telegram and Twitter, the onus is very much on Web3 projects to explore the latest innovations in wallet-to-wallet communication to bolster community engagement, and one of the most long standing issues…


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