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Enhanced KYC checks can be a win-win for crypto exchanges and consumers — here’s why

Crypto is a fast-moving sector where new trends — decentralized finance and nonfungible tokens among them — accelerate in the blink of an eye. And as demand for digital assets grows, the need for regulation grows too. 

Anticipating those regulations and having the systems in place for future compliance can position crypto exchanges as industry leaders. Those that do the bare minimum risk falling behind as customers turn to more trusted options.

Exchanges, though, can adopt a substantial role in setting the regulatory tone by taking the initiative to go beyond compliance and better protect their users. That can help a business build a reputation for security and deliver a compelling point of difference from the competition. More than that, it can show regulators how policies can work in practice.

The business case

Prioritizing adaptable, futureproof solutions can make it easier for exchanges to expand quickly into new markets. It can help them control operating costs, reduce risks and enhance the customer experience.

Beyond helping crypto exchanges achieve compliance, identity verification technology that draws from hundreds of global data sources can accelerate onboarding, offering the right balance between security and friction. Onboarding customers quickly and safely can give exchanges the competitive edge they need in a market that gets more crowded with every crypto bull run.

Trulioo, an identity verification service that enables exchanges worldwide to quickly and securely onboard customers, is helping crypto platforms achieve their full potential in a constantly shifting market.

Fast, accurate digital identity verification can help exchanges build trust and safety while quickly expanding their customer base, the company says. Enhanced Know Your Customer (KYC) checks can help exchanges scale more quickly. By knowing exactly who their customers are and establishing the provenance of funds, exchanges can position themselves to adapt to future regulation changes.

“Regulation is a hot topic in the crypto space and one of the reasons we’re seeing so many crypto…


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