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Details the world’s top 10 crypto venture capital institutions


In this market cycle, Web3 VCs have evolved into a complex and differentiated industry, with traditional theme-driven funds, corporate venture capital (CVCs), new DAO ventures, and venture capital departments under the world’s leading exchanges, which are widely distributed in various stages of development of different projects, mainly by equity and tokens.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the top 10 web3 venture capital firms from multiple perspectives, including: portfolios, competitive differences, platform strategies, communities and reputations, investment in 2022, and more.

In addition, we have created an extended database, a web3 VC ranking of the top 50 designed to continuously expand the reach of founders, investors and limited partners active in the field.

Top 50 Web3 VC ranking database

Evaluation methodology

There is currently no precise and scientific way to rank such a dynamic industry, and a VC’s market position today could change as it moves with its next investment, hiring, or strategic initiatives. This is precisely what sets this list apart from most, in a world ruled by the AUM indicator, where there has been an interesting dynamic in the development of the past two years – that is, economic policy has driven an era of investment in which capital is increasingly becoming a commodity, and top VCs must uniquely keep themselves distinct in order to gain a place in the competition. Because of this, the knowledge moat built by VC funds outside of AUM occupies the largest weight in this evaluation system.

The following categories of data come from Crunchbase:

Total investment: [Weight: 7/10] Total investment since the launch of the first fund
Lead round: [Weight: 8/10] as the number of lead round rounds
Number of investments in 2022: [Weight: 7.5/10] Number of investment transactions completed in 2022
Unicorns: [Weight: 9/10] Number of Unicorns in the Fund’s Portfolio (Private Placement Valuation Over $1 Billion)
Diversification: [Weights: 4/10] Investments in companies led by women…..

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