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DeGods Review: The Hottest NFT Collection on the Solana Blockchain!

23DeGods is the talk of the town, the DustLabs project has literally taken the NFT world by storm and is now considered the hottest NFT on the market. They describe themselves as a digital art collection with a global community which includes creators, developers, athletes, artists, innovators, experimenters and entrepreneurs.  The numbers have been crazy and so have been the controversies. DeGods is the number one, numero uno collection on the Solana blockchain. It was the initially the new kid on the block who everyone thought just looked cool but what the team behind DeGods and its creator FrankDegod have accomplished has been nothing short of amazing. DeGods is currently in the top five NFT projects across any blockchain and is a competitor to popular NFT collections such as BAYC (Bored Ape Yatch Club), MAYC (Mutant Ape Yatch Club), Moonbirds and CryptoPunks.

DeGods are the first NFT to be deflationary in nature meaning that over time the number of DeGods in circulation will decrease and hence the ones that are still there will have an increase in their rarity rating. The way this is done is through a process that is called burning. A DeGod holder can also choose to convert their DeGod into a DeadGod by spending 1000 DUST (native currency of the DeGod Verse) and getting one STARDUST. We will discuss the benefits of this later in the review. The only country without a DeGod is North Korea. You can also see who own a DeGod and where on their map.

DeGods NFT Collection: Details

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DeGods: Floor Price and Mint Price

Talking about the floor price, at the time of writing this article there are currently no DeGods or DeadGods listed on OpenSea marketplace. This actually says a lot about the way this project is being treated where a lot of people are holding onto their DeGod NFT. It goes to show that this collection has resonated with a lot of people and hence they do want to be part of this collection in the long run. DeGods are listed on Magic Eden at the moment with a…


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