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DB DAO wants to build a Wikipedia for the crypto world

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Have a good weekend, today I will introduce you to a DB DAO, maybe I will be familiar with KurateDAO by another name. A community-curated database of blockchain-based Web3 applications with a mission to organize and curate the world’s information using cryptoeconomy.

As an autonomous decentralized organization, its proposal was similar to Wikipedia today. Michael Fischer, founder of KurateDAO, explained that the idea of the platform is to have a group of users create a place where they can search for jobs in a certain field, a certain type of music, specific NFTs, academic articles, cryptocurrency wallets, cooking recipes, etc.

To put it another way, the community has created a Curate To Earn model. In the planned system, anyone can create a topic, such as news from a country, restaurants in a city, or even a Web3 tool. The same person who sets the criteria for the data to be included in his subject becomes the curator.

Three roles

So to understand what DB DAO does, you need to follow me to get to know three interesting identity roles, and there are three different roles in DB DAO. Each person’s remuneration or payment depends on the amount of value they provide:

The curator creates a database and proposes rules to determine whether content should be accepted or rejected. When scouting is unable to resolve it, the curator is also the final arbiter of whether the line should be accepted or rejected.

Scouts find and contribute content that complies with database charters. If the Scout’s content is included in the database, they will receive a pro-rata income based on how well they are browsed. Scouts monitor the database and stake when they believe a row…


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