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Cryptolife: A day in the life of a partner at a16z Crypto

Listen to the daily life of the crypto world builders.

Written by Elena Burger, Trading Partner at a16z Crypto

Compilation: Kxp, BlockBeats

Info Diet invites different builders to document, from their own perspective, the articles they will read and browse over the course of two days. Today we are honored to have Elena Burger, who lives in New York, and is a trading partner of the a16z Crypto team, focusing on NFT, Web3 media and infrastructure.

Sunday, July 10

10am : It’s been an unusually lazy day for me. Usually, I wake up around 7 or 8 in the morning, grab a coffee, go for a run in Central Park, and check Twitter and email when I get back. But today I happened to be visiting a family member’s beach house with a friend, so I lost a bit of my joie de vivre this morning.

I went to the kitchen to take a sip of coffee and flipped through an issue of The New Yorker sitting on the table. It’s also something I don’t usually do: I’ve probably read a lot of paper media before, but now I prefer to read the electronic version. I was watching the profile of gospel/blues singer Mavis Staples as people poured into the breakfast room.

12:00 PM : On the Jitney bus back to Manhattan, my friend shoved one of his airpods into my ear and asked, “Have you seen Channel 5?” I said I didn’t.

Channel 5 is a street interview show for YouTuber Andrew Callaghan, who always chooses controversial groups (girlfriend boot camps, anti-vaccine rallies, etc.) and film their daily activities. We watched an episode of the Utah Rap Festival (I recommend turning the volume down a bit below max before clicking on the link), which featured a few raps from a 15-year-old genius. I love this video, it’s kind of like a show like Rescue or John Wilson’s 100,000. I don’t watch YouTube much, but like the Mavis Staples profile, if it’s right in front of me, I’d still enjoy it.

Then I put on my airpods and listen to Lex Fridman’s interview with Grimes a few weeks ago. After I listened to it, I realized that I really wanted to love her miserably. I…


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