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Crypto.com partners with game software developing studio ACT Games

Crypto.com, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange company, signs an MOU with the game studio ACT Games. The two companies join forces with this agreement to promote blockchain game projects. Eric Anziani, Crypto.com’s Chief Operating Officer, notes, “The gaming business is growing within the blockchain industry, and we look forward to partnering with Korean game companies to advance the global gaming industries and the further development of Web3.”

The partnership signals the emergence of IP-based games powered by advanced crypto solutions.

As a prominent industry player, Crypto.com develops advanced trading products that provide a full suite of DeFi services and mobile crypto payments. Two of them are crypto.com DeFi Wallet and crypto.com Pay. 

Crypto.com’s DeFi Wallet allows users to seamlessly integrate NFTs and swap 300+ tokens across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Cosmos, and Cronos. Thanks to the in-app bridging feature, it’s possible to migrate assets between different blockchains. Crypto.com Pay facilitates merchant payments, distributes 10% of the payments as crypto rewards, and enables retail shopping with 30+ tokens. 

Both products will be provided to the ACT Games’ ecosystem to empower its payment solutions and web3 functionalities. 

ACT games is a game studio that acquires well-known IP games and recreates them as NFT games. The studio has IP license agreements with Aggretsuko from Sanrio, Peko Pop from Fujiya, MogMog Planet from Dentsu, and ZOIDS from Takara-Tomy. 

The Crypto.com partnership will initially focus on ZOIDS by launching an NFT-based game on the Cronos blockchain. The game will feature special series from this franchise, known as ZOIDS WILD and ZOIDS WILD ZERO. Hyung-won Lee, CEO of ACT Games, emphasizes, “We are looking forward to the opportunity to promote ZOIDS WILD around the world through the Cronos blockchain.”

About the ZOIDS NFT game

The Japanese toy merchandise Takara-Tomy has been developing the ZOIDS series since 1983. ZOIDS are physical Moving Kit toys themed with animals or dinosaurs and…


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