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Cozies look to tackle web3’s crypto-bro, degen culture through Hygge ‘cozy’ culture NFTs

CryptoSlate spoke with Andrew Fai and the Cozies team regarding the launch of the new NFT project. Cozies is an NFT collection focused around “Hygge,” the Danish concept that roughly translates to “to give courage, comfort, joy” or “cozy” in English.

The Cozies team is led by NFT veteran and Asia Blockchain Summit founder Andrew Fai who told CryptoSlate that the team is on a “mission to bring forth a Cozy identity movement.” As cultures evolve, so do the sub-cultures within. It is clear to see that there has been a growth in different methods of self-expression in the broader NFT community. Many NFT projects follow a similar mindset to typical crypto memes. However, as the space matures, so does its diversity and need to accommodate the myriad of new users in the space.

New users bring new likes, dislikes, and niche cultures. Cozies goal is to appeal to those interested or intrigued by NFTs but aligning to different druthers than communities such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Meebits. The ‘crypto bro’ or ‘degen’ communities aren’t for everyone, and that’s why we see an increase in more diverse work as the space grows.

What is the inspiration for Cozies?

Cozies was initially conceived as a counter-culture to the current “degen” mentality so prevalent within Web3. As much as the NFT space has given us, it is very tiring and often makes us forget to take care of ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin and individual journeys.

With the development of the IP, we realized that our philosophy of coziness (and the Danish cozy culture of “Hygge”) overlapped with many scientific practices and data on well-being. Our goal was to create this decentralized society that perpetuates its citizens’ well-being using cool art and community gamification.

How will Cozies help brand the culture of web3?

Our first goal is to establish a strong, Cozy identity – being comfortable with who you are, what you own, and where you are going. The Cozies art is deeply rooted in these values, and we aim to bring it to life through powerful…


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