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Conversation with Web3 Slash Youth: Blockchain is more than one way of working

In the first two years of the outbreak, the concept of “digital nomads” once entered the public eye. Those who use the Internet to work remotely and integrate work and life into one are called “digital nomads”. “Digital nomads” are not new, but they have become more popular in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the Web3 world, this approach is not surprising. Distributed work has become an essential quality of a global organization. In the context of getting rid of the traditional form of work organization, the source of income is composed of multiple modules without relying on For a single full-time job, slash youths are also emerging.

The emergence of DAO (a new decentralized organizational form based on blockchain) in the Web3 world has inspired more and more public chain projects to promote ecological development in this way. The form of “bar” can be to become a contributor to the project in spare time, to participate in hackathons to win rewards, or to be purely part-time. From the perspective of Web3er, blockchain is not only distributed office, it There are many more ways to work.

In this regard, TinTinLand interviewed two developers in the Polkadot ecological project, and chatted with them about how to enter the Web3 world and the story of opening another identity. In the future, TinTin will continue this series and share the slashes of Web3 developers. Life.

Xiao Cai — core developer of Dorahacks

I just graduated from graduate school this year. I am currently a developer of Dorahacks, a decentralized global geek community, mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of the dorafactory parachain.

In 2018, blockchain became popular in China for the first time. As a student majoring in information engineering, I realized blockchain and Bitcoin for the first time, but more research is still on alliance chain. However, the alliance chain is not much different from the traditional development, and it is even slowly evolving into a traditional information system development. So when I wanted to…


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