Buyers From Coinbase Powered Bitcoin Higher or Did They?

Bitcoin (BTC) has gained nearly 28% this month, hitting the highest since early November. The popular narrative on Crypto Twitter is that traders from Coinbase (COIN) have powered the cryptocurrency higher. However, the Nasdaq-listed exchange hasn’t been the only source of bullish pressures for the cryptocurrency.

The Coinbase premium index, which measures the spread between Coinbase’s BTC/U.S. dollar (USD) pair and Binance’s BTC/USDT pair involving the tether stablecoin, turned positive last week and rose to 0.039 over the weekend, the highest since late October, per data sourced from blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant.

In other words, the indicator suggests the buying pressure on Coinbase has been relatively stronger.

“The price premium between Bitcoins traded on Coinbase vis-à-vis those traded on Binance (Coinbase-Binance premium) continued to be positive throughout the week, which is indicative of increased buying interest from institutional investors vis-à-vis retail investors,” André Dragosch, head of Deutsche Digital Assets, wrote in a note to clients.

Bitcoin traded at a premium on Coinbase relative to Binance. (CryptoQuant)

Institutions prefer publicly traded and regulated Coinbase over offshore entities like Binance, which are considered a proxy for retail investor participation. Binance is now taking steps to establish itself as an institutional-focused platform.

However, another indicator called the cumulative volume delta (CVD), which measures the net capital inflows into the market, suggests the rally began with Binance-based entities bidding for bitcoin with BUSD, a fiat-backed stablecoin issued by Binance and Paxos, in the perpetual futures market. And buyers from Coinbase and other exchanges joined the fray later.

A rising CVD means more buyers are in action, while a negative-sloping line implies there are more sellers.

The chart sourced from and tweeted by pseudonymous analyst exitpump (@exitpumpBTC) compares the cumulative volume delta (CVD) for BTC/BUSD pair listed on Binance (yellow line) with the CVD BTC/USD and BTC/USDT pairs…


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