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Blockchain Gaming Guilds: YGG SEA

Welcome to south east Asia’s biggest blockchain gaming guild, Yield Guild Games South East Asia (YGG SEA). 

As a subDAO of the Philippines-based YGG, YGG SEA provides a localized play-to-earn (P2E) experience and facilitates crypto adoption through gaming in the SEA region. 

At the time of writing, YGG SEA currently boasts a presence in five different SEA countries – Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

In total, they have enrolled over 10,000 scholars into their program, and they’ve invested in more than 70 P2E games. 

Among the games YGG SEA are partnered with are: Axie Infinity, Wonder Heroes, Thetan Arena, Star Sharks, Wasted Lands, Karmaverse, Space Wars, Fancy Birds, Aavegotchi, and Mecha Morphing.

In essence, YGG SEA supports locally developed P2E games and attends to the needs and interests of SEA’s player base. They provide language specific support from trained leaders and their goal is to onboard scholars into their blockchain gaming ecosystem. 

As a blockchain gaming guild, they acquire the assets required for their scholars to start playing and earning, with no up-front fees. In return, the scholars will share a small portion of their revenue with the guild. 

“As we roll out across the world, subDAOs like YGG SEA are core to YGG’s expansion strategy as they have the local knowledge and networks. The team launching YGG SEA has deep experience driving tech adoption in the region, and the demand for play-to-earn games throughout Asia is incredibly strong,” said Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games.

YGG SEA Game Partners

Backed by major investors

Earlier this year, YGG SEA secured a whopping $15 million in two private funding rounds led by crypto.com and Animoca Brands, amongst a host of major Web3 investors. 

With the investment, YGG SEA has grown their scholarship base exponentially and introduced a leadership development program as they seek further expansion in the region. 

YGG SEA co-founder and Indonesia Country Manager, Irene Umar, said: “We are building a community, and earning through playing games…


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