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Blockchain Brawlers Update: Mike Rubinelli Reveals all to NFT News Today

Blockchain Brawlers has been moving at a breathtaking pace since its inception nine months ago. It started as an NFT farming-style game, where players bought in, and mined a currency by Brawling with their Brawler NFTs. Then, the game, spearheaded by Mike Rubinelli and his Wax Studios team, quickly pivoted into a new era.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) became Play-to-Own and Wax Studios shifted the focus from mining a currency into good old fashioned engrossing PvP gameplay. Now, Mike and his team are moving at the speed of light into a new phase of the game – the PvP phase – and Mike is beaming about it all.

“We knew that to get broad adoption we couldn’t just have a click mining game, but had to build a real game,” he said. “The focus shouldn’t be on earning, it should be on owning. Earning should be a result, not a goal.” 

“If the goal is to earn, then your focus is all wrong, but if the result is earning revenue tied to the things you’ve acquired, that’s a much healthier proposition and that’s how you’re going to get broad adoption.”

A PvP card combat wrestling game

Mike and his team have devised a new formula for Blockchain Brawlers, inspired by Richard Garfield, which is centred around an engaging blend of WWE wrestling and cards. Yes, you heard it right – the new PvP phase is a card game inspired by pro wrestling entertainment. In this game, you will enjoy all the thrills of being a pro wrestler, gaining the adulation of the crowd, taunting your opponents and even smashing them with steel chairs – as you play an enthralling game of cards.

Following the game’s closed BETA release – BCB is shaping up to be a major player in the blockchain gaming space. 

Mike said: “We have taken a similar minimalistic approach to Shigeru Miyamoto, (Super Mario Brothers, Donkey kong, Zelda), who is literally the godfather of video game design – he’s the best. Miyamoto said: if I can make this really fun from end to end, with grayscale artwork, then throw in the art after that – it’s a home run.” 

“With the Blockchain Brawlers PvP close…


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