Bitcoin inches closer to a 10-year record, as other stats turn bullish

The world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is one day away from matching its historic 15-day win streak if its positive price movement keeps up.

In November 2013 Bitcoin posted a 15-day consistent positive price movement, the longest in its history.

₿REAKING: #Bitcoin price has increased 14 days in row — A single day away from making a historic new record!

— Documenting ₿itcoin (@DocumentingBTC) January 17, 2023

Right now, BTC is on day 14 of its win streak, hitting four-month highs in the process.

One more day of upwards price movement will match its 2013 streak. If it continues another day after that it will set a new 16-day record.

It’s not the only bullish metric crossing into new territory.

Ethereum to soon cross 100M non-zero addresses

Ethereum addresses holding at least some Ether (ETH) will soon cross the 100 million mark given the current amount of wallet addresses and the historical growth rate of the metric.

On Jan. 16, crypto analytics firm Glassnode said the number of non-zero ETH addresses reached an all-time high of nearly 92.5 million.

#Ethereum $ETH Number of Non-Zero Addresses just reached an ATH of 92,483,337

View metric:

— glassnode alerts (@glassnodealerts) January 16, 2023

According to the data, Ethereum is just 7.5 million non-zero addresses away from crossing the 100 million milestone.

Since 2019 the figure has risen by roughly 20 million per year. If that rate continues its likely non-zero ETH wallets could hit 100 million by sometime in the second quarter of 2023.

ETH hits half a million validators

Another Ethereum statistic that has continued to grow is the count of its validators — entities responsible for validating transactions made on the blockchain.

The ETH validator count crossed the 500,000 mark on Jan. 12 as per BeaconScan data.

The number of validators over a six-month period ending Jan. 17, the number currently sits at 502,218. Image: BeaconScan

It comes as the Shanghai hard fork slated for March would — among other updates — allow…


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