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Bear market research comes in time with these 10 crypto gadgets to help you

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.

In addition to the well-known crypto market tools Nansen, Dune, DefiLlama, and Parsec, crypto KOL Sergio Gallardo shared 10 relatively niche but equally powerful crypto research tools on his personal social platform, which BlockBeats organizes and translates as follows:

1 EtherDrop Bot (Notification Bot)

Official link

This is a custom notification bot similar to Nansen Smart Alerts that allows you to receive timely notifications for free on Telegram for the latest developments on a specific wallet, pool or NFT collection.

Click for the full tutorial.

2 Wallet Tracker Discord

Official link

This Discord can track over 500 wallets including funds, trading platforms, protocol vaults, founders and crypto KOL accounts. Click for more information.

3 Tally (Governance Proposal Tracking)

Official link

Tally is a DAO operation platform that keeps abreast of any governance proposals on different EVM chains.

4 Apophenia’s Blog Scrapper (blog update reminder)

Official link

This bot will send you a Telegram message every time a project updates an article on its media/blog, as many projects update their blogs before tweeting.

5 Token Unlock Dashboard

Official link

TokenUnlocks is my personal favorite tracking tool for token unlocks, the dashboard is very clean and intuitive. You can choose to track different projects, and this meter will provide many details and data on their token economics.

6 OpenBB Terminal (investment research platform)

Official link

OpenBB is an investment research application that allows users to use many of Bloomberg’s features for free in a Python-based environment.

Click for more information.

7 Eigenphi (MEV and on-chain analysis)

Official link

Eigenohi is one of my favorite MEV tools for tracking sandwich attacks, flash loans, and identifying malicious tokens in websites.

8 ZeroMev (MEV research tool)

Official link

ZeroMev classifies MEVs based on the degree of harm to users, distinguishing front-running from other types of MEVs. It can…


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