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Bankless: 5 crypto themes expected to lead the next bull market

For cryptocurrency newbies, we know that watching cryptocurrency prices plummet to low levels is not easy. Even for veterans who have gone through their second cycle, watching the money that could change their life become less and less is no mean feat.

But we’re here for this technology, right?

Bear markets are generally considered to be periods of opportunity to make a fortune. Why do you say that?

This is because the opportunity to buy a project at a disproportionately low price relative to the project’s activity, development, and utility pervades the entire crypto world. Picking the right project isn’t easy, but the opportunity is clear.

This article is not a guide to getting rich, but if you take the time to learn and observe during a bear market, you may be putting yourself at an advantage.

This article will outline what the bubble is on the surface of the cryptocurrency market and what will lead the way in the next big bull run.

1. Application L 2

In the blockchain world, the call to support scalability and increase transaction throughput is very clear. During the last bull run, we saw a lot of attention and speculation surrounding Solana and other “alternative L1” blockchains. This is largely because Ethereum has not scaled properly to handle the bull market demand for its block space.

However, while many of these blockchains are touting their incredible speed and throughput, many users resent their continued downtime or poor functionality when demand is high. Ultimately, many of these blockchains fail because they are monolithic, not modular, which attempts to provide all security, decentralization, and throughput in a single product.

It is obvious (perhaps biased, but well-recognized) that such blockchains simply cannot support mass adoption. So, what are the solutions that can provide high throughput, high security, and high decentralization?

Walk into L2 

L2 solutions can increase throughput, allowing the blockchain to scale while inheriting security from the main chain. Solutions like…


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