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Ankr, a leading Web3 infrastructure company, becomes an RPC provider to the Sui blockchain

Ankr, an RPC provider of choice to over 39 blockchains, announced a partnership with the Sui, a permissionless layer-1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences for the next billion users in Web3. 

An acronym for remote procedure call, an RPC node enables users to read blockchain data and send transactions to different networks. As a result, Ankr’s RPC connection to Sui will allow Web3 developers and dApps to interact with the Sui blockchain easily. 

Sui is built on the Move, a secure and flexible programming language. The company deploys its own version of Move for smart contract development. This facilitates easy programming, improves throughput and reduces delays. The Ankr partnership will enable developers to build scalable, safe, and upgradable dApps on the Sui blockchain. 

Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product, emphasized in a statement, “Sui’s new technology and Move-based development, paired with Ankr’s easy connection to the blockchain, will create a building environment that is easy and intuitive enough to open the doors to a growing set of new developers and projects. We are very excited to support Sui so Web3 developers can build faster on what is shaping up to be a promising new ecosystem.”

Ankr’s Sui Testnet RPC

The Ankr Network can handle any load request thanks to its time-tested, high-performance RPC node infrastructure. Following the partnership, Sui’s public RPC resources will significantly expand, and developers will be able to access Ankr’s Sui Testnet community and premium RPCs. 

The testnet connects dApps, command-line interfaces, and wallets with the Sui blockchain. It functions as a blockchain router so that users can execute tasks such as carrying out transactions and receiving ownership information. 

Furthermore, Ankr will support the mainnet with additional docs, features, and tools to help developers streamline application development. It will strengthen the global Sui network with a structure composed of many independent RPC nodes that operate worldwide. This will…


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