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An inventory of the top ten hacking incidents in the crypto industry in the first half of 2022

Recently, Acala has a vulnerability, the attacker’s address can transfer more than 1 billion aUSD. Acala tweeted that the previous hacking attack was caused by a misconfiguration of the iBTC/aUSD liquidity pool, which resulted in a large amount of aUSD being mined incorrectly.

Twitter blogger sabocrypto summed up the 10 biggest hacks in cryptocurrencies in 2022:

1. crypto.com, Jan. 17, $35 million

A hacker disabled two-factor authentication on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Client funds lost 4,836 ETH and 443 Bitcoin. Although all affected customers were fully compensated.

2. Qubit, Jan. 27, $80 million

Hackers stole 206,809 BNB from Qubit’s QBridge protocol through a smart contract vulnerability, assets worth over $80 million at the time.

Developers will project a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

3. Wormhole, Feb. 2, $325 million

Wormhole hackers use smart contracts on the SOL-ETH bridge to cash out without depositing any collateral.

VC Jump Crypto replenished the funds. According to DefiLlama, Wormhole Bridge now has a TVL of over $625 million.

4. IRA FT, Feb. 8, $37 million

IRA Financial Trust is a cryptocurrency-focused retirement and pension platform.

It was hacked, and the hacker somehow got hold of the “master key”.

Now they are suing cryptocurrency exchange Gemini for alleged negligence.

5. Cashio, March 22, $52 million

Worthless collateral is placed and used to mint the CashioApp CASH stablecoin “infinitely”.

CASH decoupling fell to ~0 and has not recovered since.

6. Axie Infinity, March 28, $625 million

The Ronin Bridge hack is the largest cryptocurrency hack of all time.

4/9 keys stolen when Axie developer clicks on PDF of fake job offer. Hackers later took control of most encryption keys.

7. Beanstalk, April 17, $182 million

Hackers use “flash loans” to take over stablecoins’ governance protocols. Funds are continuously borrowed and repaid in the same transaction.

Hackers passed an offer to donate funds to Ukraine and stole the remaining collateral.

8. Fei Protocol, April 30, $80…


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