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After modularization: Exploring the optimization path of the bottom layer of the blockchain


After spending a lot of time in the past two weeks to understand the innovation points of the new public chain & new L2, and trying to find modularity, the next place where the bottom layer innovation of the public chain may appear is “splitting & optimization & reorganization” ” — is the first principle I have extracted from all these innovations, and it is the first principle that I think will guide the continuous optimization of the blockchain in the long run.


Even if it brings a lot of complexity to the whole framework, we should continue to “split & optimize”, the blockchain has not yet reached the time of “subtraction”

A&T View: Danksharding, Celestia, and the Blockchain Hierarchy


What is Segmentation & Optimization & Restructuring 

This concept stems from the “modular blockchain”,

But there are certain differences from the current mainstream modular definition:

The concept of modularity means splitting at least one of the three major blocks of the blockchain into relatively independent structures. For example, Celestia splits the storage layer and provides a general storage layer to support higher Efficiency & more autonomy;


Splitting & optimizing & reorganizing means that in any single block of the three major blocks, further “splitting” is performed according to the optimization requirements, and finally reorganized into a blockchain with a higher possibility, eg, at the computing layer, all Transactions are executed independently according to the classification.


The idea is well understood: let each structure perform the simplest possible computations to obtain the greatest efficiency gains for a single structure.

“Split & Optimize” in Base Layer Innovation

Ethereum – Danksharding

In the eighth AMA of the Ethereum Foundation R&D team, Justin made it clear that “Ethereum is becoming increasingly modular”

Screenshot of Justin replying in Reddit

But you should also notice that the “modularity” in Justin’s mouth goes beyond the “modular…


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