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A step towards better government using a blockchain-based DAO

Many governments have started employing e-services to make their citizens’ lives easier and more digitalized. However, while you can do plenty of things online, the entire system remains centralized–that is, it is still governed by a centralized authority and requires (a lot of) human power to operate. Such systems can be vulnerable to potential attacks and can face a lot of issues, such as long waiting times and human error. There is a way to revolutionize this–eGov-DAO. The concept of eGov-DAO could change the way governments operate, making them more efficient and accountable.


Published: 20 October 2022, 3:00 pm Updated: 20 Oct 2022, 11:40 am

What is a DAO?

This is an acronym for “decentralized autonomous organization.” In a DAO, there is no central authority figure making decisions – instead, power is distributed among the members of the organization. This is enabled by blockchain technology, which allows for transparent and secure record-keeping.

eGov-DAOs could potentially offer a number of advantages over traditional government organizations. For example, they could be more efficient and transparent, as decisions would be made through consensus among the members. Additionally, eGov-DAOs would be less susceptible to corruption, as there would be no central authority figure with the power to make decisions unilaterally.

Who is the founder of DAO?

The first DAO, aptly called The DAO, was founded in 2016 by a team of developers from the Ethereum Foundation.

What are the benefits of eGov-DAO?

A eGov-DAO, as an organization that uses blockchain technology, could be employed to decentralize decision-making and increase transparency. This could potentially revolutionize the way governments operate, making them more efficient and accountable. Additionally, eGov-DAOs would be less susceptible to corruption than traditional government organizations. At the same time, eGov-DAO could be more immune to attacks and overall more secure.

What are the risks of eGov-DAO?

DAO risk

There are also some potential risks associated with eGov-DAO. For example, if not…


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