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A quick look at 101 Y Combinator-incubated Crypto projects

Key Points:

Y Combinator is a popular startup incubator that hosts annual winter and summer training events;
Y Combinator’s alumni programs in crypto and blockchain have raised over $1 billion;
Some well-known Y Combinator incubation projects, including OpenSea, CoinTracker and Stacks, etc.;
In total, The Block counted 101 Y Combinator crypto alumni projects across 8 categories.

Y Combinator is a popular startup incubator that hosts two three-month training events each year. The incubator provides comprehensive services, starting with a personal one-on-one consultation session with a partner and ending with a Demo Day. However, the partnership doesn’t end there, as Y Combinator participants can tap into the alumni network and seek additional funding from the network.

The accelerator invests $500,000 in each company in two tranches, of which $125,000 is invested in 7% of the company’s post-money safe valuation, and the other $375,000 is invested in the “uncapped SAFE” phase.

Some of the most notable crypto/blockchain projects graduated from Y Combinator include NFT marketplace OpenSea, portfolio tracking and accounting software CoinTracker, and Bitcoin smart contract layer Stacks, to name a few.

Almost half of Y Combinator’s crypto alumni projects fall into the financial services or infrastructure category, with Web3 and NFT/Gaming a close second.

The Y Combinator crypto alumni program has been quite successful, raising over $1 billion to date. It’s worth pointing out, however, that nearly half of that funding is due to OpenSea’s fundraising campaign. OpenSea, Axoni, TRM Labs, and Proxy were the only crypto projects to receive Series B funding, with more than half of all crypto projects failing to raise follow-up funding after graduation.

Note: Companies in the lower right corner include Coinbooks, Aesthetic, Mysterious, Algofi, Coinrule, Coinfeeds, Hedgehog, Bitaccess, wOS, Bitstack, Bunkyr, Payourse, Quantstamp, and Flux, sorted by amount raised.

In total, The Block analyzed and counted 101 Y Combinator…


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